Sales Coaching

Are you an Inside Sales Agent, Rep, or Team that is struggling to overcome that plateau of lead conversions? Ask yourself the following questions:


  1. Is your lead conversion rate struggling to get above 1 or 2%?
  2. Have you hit a wall in overcoming objections?
  3. Are you struggling to convert more appointments to closes?

If you answered yes to any or all 3, then you need the right Coach. We specialize in sales conversion coaching both from a lead to an appointment, and the appointment to close. We have helped numerous Inside Sales Reps and Agents increase their lead conversion rates by an additional 1-3%. There are 2 requirements: you must be driven, and you must be teachable in order to see results. Coaching is provided via 1on1 and/or group sessions. Coaching is focused on the following: 


           • Having the right mindset
           • Understanding your position within lead gen
           • Learning proper call tactics and techniques as it relates to converting leads more effectively
           • Improving consults and appointments in order to have a higher close ratio
           • Obtaining the confidence in overcoming objections
           • Being efficient without sacrificing quality
           • Analyzing the data more effectively