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Are you comfortable with your sales results or are you looking to have more impact? We help you to double your sales conversions from the inside out, with proven mindset + value-based coaching, without the boring scripts and strategies.


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We take a deep dive approach. Whether you are a Real Estate Agent/Inside Sales Agent, Online Coach, or Network Marketer, we get to the bottom of your specific challenges. This helps you focus on your distinct value so that you can be more effective and purposeful with your sales efforts.

develop the MINDSET

We focus on eliminating your limiting beliefs so you have the confidence and passion needed to be effective with your sales activities

develop sales conversion strategies

By focusing on your own value, and not a script, we will develop a customized approach that fits you. You will learn how to have effective calls and interactions with prospects so you are building a layer of trust right from the get-go.

Overcome objections effectively

Digging deep with prospects to understand why they are giving objections is key. Then we will guide you with an effective approach to all objections so that you come across as an expert and true consultant.

Implement effective processes

Having processes that fit you and your business is vital. Numerous statistics have proven that by having processes in place, it will ensure a higher return of investment with your sales. We will take an organic approach so the processes fit you and your goals.


As an organization that is focused on growth, it’s vital that you have an effective sales organization so that you see both an ROI and the profit that you want with your lead generation. We focus on 3 distinct areas so that you have a well-oiled machine.

Develop Inside Sales agents/Reps

Whether you are looking to hire the right Reps or develop the team that you currently have, we will create the team that you need to have in order to increase your overall bottom-line. Since each Rep has their own personality and challenges, it’s vital to focus on developing an effective game plan for their development and overall effectiveness.

Create Inside Sales Processes

Having the right processes is key to seeing an ROI. For instance, we will focus on developing effective accountability, CRM, lead intake, reporting, and management processes so you see an ROI as time progresses.

Live Webinars & Group Coaching

It’s vital your team comes together for ideas, strategy, and support. By conducting monthly group sessions with your overall sales team and organization on relevant topics, it will elevate your team dynamics. These are interactive sessions that forces group participation.

Access to members-only Content

Your management and sales team will have access to our virtual online content platform that provides real-time tips and strategies on a regular basis. Additionally, by participating in various chats and posts, it will allow your team to gain additional knowledge from their peers.

OUR Process


Understanding where you are gives clarity to what you need to grow

Plan & define

Having a clear picture of where you want to be and how to get there

Execute & refine

Test and measure – once a plan is implemented, we will want to make the necessary tweaks


Once the foundation and strategy has been implemented, it will be key to maintain that momentum

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Sales Coaching

Value Based Coaching

Whether you need 1-on-1 or group coaching, we will provide an effective approach that allows you to have relationally based sales. This will help you build long-term trust with prospects and clients.

1on1 or Group Coaching

Integrated Sales content

Co-Branded Sales Training

As an online coach or entrepreneur, what do you provide your members in terms of sales training? Check out our integrated content offering. You and/or your team would have access to effective sales video content, downloadable guidelines and templates, monthly live webinars, and ongoing bonus content. This is a great value-add for your program offering in order for your audience to be more effective with sales conversions and overall sales effectiveness.

Integrated Partner Services

Inside Sales Consulting

Consulting Done Right

Whether you have an existing sales team or are looking to start one from scratch, we can help you develop an effective inside sales operation. We have helped Teams see a 30-40% ROI by developing the sales reps to their fullest potential, as well as by having processes that actually yield results!

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About The Break Through Coach

Hey, I’m Sean and I’ve been doing this for a long time!

I have been in sales for almost 20 years and I’ve witnessed the failures and successes of sales processes and strategies. I have been a top producer at multiple companies. However, what I realized is that there was a disconnect when it came to being more relational and trustworthy with prospects in order to convert them more effectively. A standard script became more effective when I added value to it. I no longer wanted to be ‘salesy’. Instead, I wanted to be more ‘consultative’ by focusing on quality and not just quantity. By focusing on a layer of trust with prospects, I was able to have more relational based sales. I then decided to start Convurt Coaching in 2017 with a simple mission – help sales reps, online coaches, and entrepreneurs identify their own unique value so they see more success with their sales. Today, I have helped over 200 sales people and entrepreneurs double their sales conversion rates and increase their sales effectiveness by 30-40%.

Years of Experience

Independent Clients

licensed States


  • Averaged 5.5-6.5% conversion rates with multiple brokerages and sales agents
  • Developed sales reps to have an additional 1-3% conversion rate
  • Created on average 30-40% lead generation ROI for small companies


  • Certified Mastery Business Coach with MAPS Business Coaching
  • Real Estate licenses in MD, VA, and TN


  • #1 ISR for the largest online brokerage for 2 years straight + several brokerages thereafter
  • Grew a regional ISR team to become #1 in volume and lead conversions 

“I have had the opportunity to work with Sean, both as a direct manager and later as colleagues in a different company. Sean was the best Inside Sales Agent I have come across by far. His numbers spoke for themselves and now he shares his techniques and trains agents and ISA’s to perform and convert, raising their numbers as well. He can show agents how to simplify a conversation with a lead in a non-salesy way and turn them to a warm appointment. In today’s environment, when we all get leads online from different sources, it is imperative that we build a personal foundation with them not through some AI program, or just a drip campaign. Sean will help set a system and the right mindset to set you apart from everyone else. I couldn’t recommend Sean more warmly, so much so that I will be providing his training and support to my agents.”

Karen Parnes | Owner, NextHome Your Way

“Sean Erwin is the most intuitive, strategic coach I have been in relationship with during my 20-year real estate career. As I continue to grow my business as Top Producer in Chicago, Sean has been extremely effective in helping me streamline systems for my management and accountability practices, in addition to increasing my bottom-line success of my lead conversions. Sean presents creative suggestions during every phone meeting we have that reaches outside the box of the norm for our industry. Sean fits all my high expectations of what I expect out of a business coach and who I see as a partner that helps me navigate toward my robust success.”

PK Johnson | PK Johnson Property Group LLC

“Even as an experienced Agent, I knew I was in a state that would not allow me to grow any further than I was. Sean challenged me and encouraged me to dig deep and discover what was really holding me back from my true potential. Not only that, he gave me the tools to take my business to the next level. It wasn’t long before my appointments increased and my business numbers skyrocketed from the previous year. Sean has a talent of identifying strengths and weaknesses very quickly. He does not waste time and I am better for it.”

Toni Frizzell | Top Producing Sales Agent

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